Breif list of highlights from Dumbass Jones' history.
1998 - Dustin and John start playing guitar together. Shortly afterwards John decides to take up bass duties. Randall then gets inspired by the srange, somewhat questionable noises he hears coming from his basement. So he decides to sell his old Triumph motorcycle for a drum set to get the band off of its ass. It would be fair to admit that they pretty much suck at this time (some would argue that they still do) and would continue to blow for quite some time. Not much happened for a few years. They got slightly better at their instruments, purchased new equipment and improved their sound. The bands influences started to slowly drift further away from a punk sound and closer to a metal influence.

2003 - Dumbass Jones plays their first show for a local Renton driving school. It seemed to be well received, though it was hard to tell through all the other bullshit going on, DJ's, basketball games, barbequing and offended party goers. Mass amounts of liqour begins to be consumed.

2005 - Dumbass Jones signs up for a battle of the bands at Studio 7 in Seattle, WA. It's their first real show that broke them into the local club scene. It was at this time the band started slowly gaining popularity, very slowly. Not many club goers could relate to the band because they were either too metal for the punk crowd, too rock for the metal crowd or just simply too obnoxious and profane for the serious crowd. The band chugged on in spite of this dismal reception.

2006 - The band goes through a few lineup changes and after some internal squabbling they eventually hang it up.

2007 - The band reforms with its orignal three members. And they continue to chug.

2009 - Caution Crusader is released. James Gaston takes over keyboards. He's with the band for a few months and quits. James is fired the next day. Still drinking...

2011 - James Gaston takes over lead vocals. Even more alcohol is consumed.

2013 - Jimmy gets rustled, quits the band.